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In the village of Elounda visitors will find a wide range of shops selling local products such as the excellent Cretan honey, the famous Cretan Wines and the tasty local cheeses (which are known all over Greece).

Shops selling leather goods of high quality can also be found as well as shops proposing copper, bronze, terracotta and wooden items.

Fine jewelleries can be found also selling a beautiful selection of jewels and some copies of the superb Minoan and Byzantine ornaments that can be admired in the museums of the island

Local products shops, shoe shops, labeled clothes shops, jewelleries, art galleries, book shops, touristy shops, delicacies shops are some of the many shops that can be found in Elounda.

Markets - Clothing - Gifts - Souvenirs - Candy Shops - Jewelleries

Prices are usually quite low but even just a walk around all those shops is a nice way to end an evening and look at all the marvelous things which are proposed.

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