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advertisers Company Name To paradosiako (The traditional) TAVERNA - SNACK BAR
No website available
Info: 25, Akti Poseidonos str. Elounda - Crete
tel: 28410 42444, 6977910303
Contact Person: Emm.Pagkalos

advertisers Company Name ΒΑΚΧΟΣ - BAKXOS
No website available
Info: tel: 2841041380
Contact person: D.Barlagas F.Ntourlias

advertisers Company Name Mediterranean Snack Bar
No website available
Info: Elounda
tel: 28410 41922

advertisers Company Name Gorgona - Tavern - Cafe Bar
No website available
Info: Plaka - Elounda
tel: 28410 41073,42154
Contact Person: John Grigorakis

advertisers Company Name Ostria - Fish Taverna
No website available
Info: Plaka Elounda, tel: 28410 42342, 6947 605934
Contact Person: Maniadakis Konstantinos

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