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Welcome to Elounda guide!!
Elounda is one of the most famous destinations in Crete - Greece but also in the entire world.Everything about Elounda can be found here.

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Elounda's 5 most visited...

Elounda Apartments

Elounda Restaurant

1. Argyro Apts
2. Tasmania Village
4. Markakis Apts
5. Sailors Apartments
1. Delphini Restaurant - Fish Taverna
2. Lotus Eaters Family Taverna
5.Ariadne Pizzaria Restaurant

Elounda Hotels

Elounda Cafe

1. Elounda Akti Olous
2. Porto Elounda
3. Krini hotel
4. Elounda Peninsula
5. Elounda Mare
1. Eden
2.Mezzo Cafe - Snacks - Internet

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Navigate to our site and find:  elounda businesses , elounda hotels, elounda rooms, elounda apartments, elounda bars,   elounda tavernas and elounda restaurants in order to get all the necessary information about Elounda.Begin your tour to EloundaWeb learning more about the elounda village, elounda history, elounda sights and you will progressive get known with this unique resort and everything that has to do with the beauties and the life of the place.

Elounda Luxury Hotels
Elounda Beach
Elounda Bay Hotel
Porto Elounda De Luxe Hotel
Elounda Mare Hotel
The Peninsula All Suite Hotel
Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites
Blue Palace Hotel
Pleiades Luxurious Villas

Download the full road map of crete, find out the bus and boat routes from and to Elounda - Crete and learn everything you need to know before you come.
Below you can find some useful tips necessary for your tour in Greece - Crete - Elounda, such as:

 Usefull Tips

       Some things to do

            While being a small Cretan town, Elounda is in a prime location for exploring the historic island.   Its close proximity...

       What about Crete?

           Crete is the largest island of Greece and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. It has an area of about 8300 sq km. The island is elongated, measuring...

       Food Translator - Cretan Diet

           In the latest years many mentions have been made about the Cretan Diet and Mediterranean Diet. So it is now well known...

       Useful Greek Phrases

 Check out everything about outdours activities in Elounda - Crete, special programs and family activities!

The photo below was taken from a mountain in Elounda called Oxa.More for this beautiful place which is great for hicking and has long and interesting history , you can find if you click the word Oxa.

Elounda picture from Oksa

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